Hoop & Yoga Fusion

Under the umbrella of Hoop Flex Yoga, I offer two options for expanding your yoga practice using the Hoop as a prop or tool.

Hoop Flex Flow is the most traditional hoop & yoga fusion style. Based in Vinyasa we ground down further into, as well as, up out of ourselves using the hoop, the circle is life. 

Hoop Flex PUMP is the high impact cardio yoga workshop. Combining uptempo music with high impact movement, followed by slow and steady flexibility. This course will build the heat your body needs to lengthen and strengthen.

This of Zumba with a Hula Hoop.


Beginners & Improvers

Learn roller skate basics, while combing the art of skating and fitness. Rollerskating classes are a low impact and high-intensity, with games and tricks guaranteed to get the heart pumping and smiles all around.

Individual * Group * Corporate


Roller Skate Tricks: Roller Hoop

Adding on to the basics of rollerskating, we amp up the fun by adding in more technical foot work and a hula hoop. Combing my love of Hooping and Roller Skating to create a challenging but very fun adventure in fitness!


Private Lessons & Meet ups

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Wellness Retreats & Gatherings

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