I read recently that the practice of gratitude makes life not only more pleasant but much easier to flow through….you are happier, more well liked, healthier, etc…

Are you wondering why, Im bringing this topic up? I think everything you need to address comes to you when you are open to it or have a need for it. And recently, my Instagram feed, brought me a 30 days of #gratitude challenge. As I read through some of the posts from participants, I began to wonder when the last time I was truly grateful was. It must be there down deep, but on a conscious level when is the last time I took a pause in the midst of all the “busy” and felt grateful, honest and true heart-felt gratefulness for my life, my health, my friendships and family, my home.

Now, lets cut the shit here – one word that has never EVER been used to describe me is grateful. Like seriously never. What I get on repeat is; strong, resilient, capable, creative, driven… and there lies the rub. Some of the most important emotions require strength, resilience and capability to release. But it can also be the very crutch that keeps you from experiences feelings of gratefulness or vulnerability. Weird right? I would challenge emotional strength and the strength it takes to persevere in the face of adversity are very different super powers.

This brings me back to the point of post. I have taken up the challenge here and in my daily life to focus on my have’s rather than my have nots. In my pursuit of a more balance and intentional life, it has required me to also tune in to the areas within me which need a bit of love and kindness. This is one of those areas. Taking time to be grateful for all that has come before and is to come ahead. I can tell you This. Is. Not. Easy (for me anyway). The world is full of situations that will tax your strength to see the good. Full of people who will point out your faults or your missteps rather than remind you that you are not a singular action but a complex mix of responses to varies stimuli, emotions and experiences. Full of death, heartache and injustices the world over. Of course this makes seeing the great, the magical, the brilliant, and awesome difficult to see, yes difficult, but even more needed.

So. Let me ask you... How can you invoke the gratitude within you and/or spur it on in others? Will you take 7 days from today to try this experiment? Will you share what you have learned back here with us?

Meet me on Instagram, tag me in your #7daysofgratitude. Mine is up today.

I hope to see you.


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Original Posted on November 18, 2017


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