Reclaim your selfie...

Musing at the close of the year... any year.

If you’re anything like me this means you are overwhelmed with the idea of closing off the year with either or all of the following:  a big bang, someone special, mindfully, full of handmade gifts, an empty email inbox, having thrown the MOST memorable party, cooked the most delicious (and IG worthy) gourmet meal, called your mum on the other side of the world at least 7 times in the week prior to Christmas.

Sound about right? Or should I say,  sounds a bit mental, right?

We are living in the most productive time of our lives, we can do more and we can do it faster. We are celebrated for doing more, for sleeping less and for holding it all together, whatever “it all” is. And I must admit to feeling pleased with myself when I do pull it off, don’t you? It’s terrible, but true. I also find it EXTREMELY. EXHAUSTING!

Show of hands…?

How about we switch it up as we move into the new year. Stop comparing our IG feeds to other over productive women, stop trying to be everything/do everything/ do it the best, stop denying that we need to take a bloody break from being top of our game. You know, acknowledge that we are not robots and that’s just fine, it better than fine its bloody great! Take some time to decompress, to pamper ourselves, to shut down the noise and get some headspace… figuratively and quite literally.

I’m putting it out there… I too have recently realised that I’ve been so busy completing the tasks others have assigned for me, and even worse experiencing anxiety that I’ll miss reacting to a request/need of another that I get to the end of my day without focusing on the things that I need/want to complete for myself nor having left room for the things that bring me pleasure. My mind is too full answering to everyone else’s ideas, thoughts about and/or homework for me. Well, just like 2018, that has come to its dramatic end and boy does it feel good. I can be more efficient and effective with a few small changes. 

Check out a the ever brilliant Arianna Huffington’s Thrive podcast with Ashton Kutcher, on just this. The idea of managing your time more effectively… and then go a step further and redefine your personal time. Begin by creating a ritual that will continue into 2019, perfecting it over time. I repeat over...time..., you are not in a rush. A ritual that prioritises that all important, but always overlooked, me time… let’s make this action the new #selfie, shall we?

The importance of rituals is a whole other post, which I’ll link back to but for now keep it simple with these 3 things you can do to reclaim yo selfie.

1. Make the first hour of your day about you. No emails, no IG trolling, no anxiety about what any other “mother-other” wants from you…

2. Stretch that glorious body of yours before you get moving. She needs love girls, trust me. In order to slay, in the battle (figuratively), you need to be fighting fit. Look at dogs (or cats if you’re one of them folks…)! My little guy, Mr. Webster, does not move from the bed he isn’t meant to be in (mine) before lingering in a few downward dogs. Yes babe,  that is where the yoga name came from…

3. Drink a glass .. or three… of water..

Yup. Its that easy… Now. What will you do to get yours in the new year? Share your thoughts in the comments. Let’s help each other out, be the bringer of ideas, patron saint of sharing the wealth (of knowledge), etc etc.

And because I love a good discount, and worthwhile tech for detox I’m giving a massive shout out to HeadSpace – who is it giving 40% off an annual subscription for the app, which is about equipping yourself with the tools to focus your energies across many areas, including but not limited to meditation which is a topic we will come back. Until then jump on over, just in time for Chrimbo!

And only but a goodie, #repost



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