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Learn to Surf

Learn correct technique, how to stand/pop up and if you have already surfed previously you will improve exponentially with our  experienced local surf team.

Perfect for you if:

  • You have never surfed and want to learn the right way, in a safe environment

  • You have tried surfing a few times & you want to master the basic techniques

  • You are an intermediate surfer looking to progress & bring your surfing to the next level


All levels welcome.  All BODIES welcome.

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Roller Skate Dance

Rollerskating is trending big time, from the spike during Covid it shows no sign of slowing down. With the launch of Flippers RollerBoogie Palace  in London and New York City we are even more obsessed with skate culture! 

Our roller skate workshops are perfect for all levels. You will learn dance choreography shaped for beginners to advance students. You will also get tips to drill your favourite skate moves, or learn those you have yet to conquer. Regardless you will never have so much fun learning something new as you will what us here by the sea in sunny Portugal

Intro to Roller Pole

Pole dancing on Quad Roller Skates!


Roller Pole is an extremely unique way to play on the pole. We show you the basics of pole dance and then we add skate :)


This workshop is Open levels and the skills can be adjusted to the level of the skater/poler.

Roller Pole IS NOT pole tricks with roller skates on.

Roller pole is about clean fluid long lines created when you merge your wheels and the pole. We spin, we twerk, we fly.. but most importantly we have a great laugh learning how to own our bodies and take up space in a new and exciting way. You will be challenged to hold your own body weight and also to be free in your movement - letting go of what you think it is, to be present in the actual moment.. always a winning workshop!


Intro to Ramp & Park Skate

Returning for the second year, vert ramp slayer Nadja Borynec! 

We return to the skate park in Albufeira to learn how to navigate the park, and learn the basics of the mini bowl. Toe stops, stalls, grinding on coping, pumping forwards and back and of course jumps & kicks.


Daily Meditation & Yoga

Yoga is the perfect companion for a surfing & Rollerskating and a daily component of this week long adventure. We stretch to activate the body and prevent injuries.

Other practices including breath work, meditation by the sea , swimming and sound bowl therapy.

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