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with love, Joy

Ibiza 2021

We are so excited to make our way back to Ibiza for our annual Hoop & Wellness Gathering this September 30th, 2021.

Facilitators Mitra Hoop & MissHoopDiDoo return and are joined by several new faces this year... we cannot wait to share our luxury play-based wellness with you!


"I adore movement, always have. I thrive on it. A ballerina, gymnast, dancer, skater, yogi, surfer, swimmer and cyclist... I have been moving my entire life!


The physical exploration of our body's capabilities deliciously exhilarating! And having a place created specifically for learning how to harness the essence of childlike curiosity has been so key in my development.  These events allow us to explore, to play, the create with freedom in a safe space. 


This is your invitation, what are you waiting for" ?


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