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Your Holiday Homebase

For me, one of the most important elements of a holiday is where you are based, your environment and everything that come with that!  The feeling of comfort and tranquility with a dash of dynamic energy is what we are going for here in Guia.

Our villa is spacious, bright and situated on the front line of the beach.

Equipped with a heated main pool and a second plunge pool.

Two roof top terraces overlooking the property, with gorgeous sea view.

2 kitchens so you have the freedom to store your own local delicacies if you choose or make that midnight snack after an evening dip. You really have quite a lot of freedom - this space is your luxury home away from home for just under a week.


We are fully catered with a day or two off-site for you local cuisine exploration, and a meet and greet BBQ on the first night.

Who could ask for more than....

xo Joy xo

Additional Details:


The Algarve, Southern Portugal

World famous surf beaches

Luxury villa accommodation: towels, yoga mats and good bags included

2 houses on the property - 25 ppl max

Insider tours of the Algarve

Artisan Pop Up Boutique

Private Reiki Room & Meditation Area

Professional videographer on-site

Live DJ sets

Movement magic facilitated by a team of international artists

Luxury Wellness Drenched in Play

2nd double bed.webp


Queen size bed in private room for someone who needs a bit of alone time away from the fray (or wants to share a bed with her bestie). There is a share fee*



singles in shared.webp


Single beds in shared double room, with another adventurous wellness warrior. 

Most rooms have private baths.




Private room for 2 ppl

Cosy bunk-bed with window looking out to the pool and main area of the villa.

Tons of Storage.


Our Home

Your home away from home is complete with all the linens towels and yoga mats - you only need your personal supplies for the week.

We are a small intimate group, allowing for bonding & more focused learning. There will be staff on hand to assist with food service and guest needs.

We will have a shuttle waiting to pick you up on the check in day. However, we always suggest coming to town a bit earlier/staying later to play.

Click HERE to see our packing guide

Our Meals

One of our fave things to do as a group is EAT locally grown/sourced Portuguese food. 

Your meals are catered, minus 2 free nights in the city, we leave open for you to explore.

Together we will also enjoy some of our local foodie spots, supporting the local economy and giving you a chance to immerse yourself in the wonderful Algarvian lifestyle

 A dietary requirements survey will be sent out a few months ahead of the retreat.


Located just 6km from the stunning Old Town Albufeira, Gale is home some some of the most impressive beaches in the Algarve. This beautiful golden beach is 4 kilometres west of Albufeira, and is located between Albufeira and Armação de Pêra.

This is where you will learn to surf, frolic in the sea and generally enjoy the sun, only steps from our front door. Take the day to rent a sun lounger, get a massage, or simply take a rest, this is your holiday

Gallery View

Take a little glimpse into the adventure that await you here in Riviera of Southern Portugal, The Algarve

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