Loneliness is an issue that can affect the physical and mental wellbeing of people of all ages. Many of us will have experience some version of this for some time period in our lives and come out the other side. It is 100% a normal to experience periods of disconnection and desire for companionship when its not there. We live in fast paces, avatar promoting, Tiktok fuelled world. With so many of us online, our connections can become fragile or surface level.

Real connections are needed to, not just, dismantle the loneliness symptoms but also improve your overall mental health and wellbeing.

If you, or someone you know is feeling lonely here are 5 way to deal...

  1. Making new connections is arguably the most obvious way to combat loneliness, but it can really help. Joining a group or class you are interested in will increase your chances of meeting like-minded people to make friends with. For example, joining an exercise club (rollerskating perhaps?) is a great way to socialise and can give your mental health a boost. There are also meet up online and in person for pretty much EVERYTHING you could desire to do these days!

  2. Be more open. If you have a fairly big social circle but don't feel truly close to any of them, the underlying issue may be that you need to open up more. Letting your friend or acquaintance in on your vulnerability or honest opinion can help to deepen your connection with them.

  3. Stop comparing yourself with others. The desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses' is not a new one, however the rise of social media has exacerbated the problem by giving people the chance to constantly compare themselves with their peers. If you’re already feeling lonely, the idea that everyone else’s life is more idyllic than yours can make you feel even more isolated and alone. This can lead us to ‘compare and despair’ – which only exacerbates our negative experiences. Remind yourself that people only share what they want others to see about their lives. Don’t form unrealistic expectations about life and friendships based on what you see online.

  4. Keep all lines of communication open. Having a chat with a friend or relative over the phone can be the next best thing to being with them. Or you can stay connected with loved ones online. Talk over Skype, exchange photos and keep up to date with the latest news from friends and family on social media or by email.

  5. Helping others is also a popular route to meet people, improve your mental health and do good for wider society. You'll not only give something back to your community, but it will also help you to feel more connected, involved and needed. There are lots of volunteering roles that need your skills and experience.

Have you battled loneliness or depression? What are you tried and true ways to combat the negative emotional discourse? Share in the comments...

As you know we are a holistic wellness and alternative play based fitness company. Our mission is to give you the building blocks for a more balance and joyful life through community, movement and play.

Looking for more ways to connect? Join us in Portugal, for our Surf & Roller Skate Gathering, this 30th June to 5th July, to do just that.

With love xoxo Joy

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Mental Wealth is about prioritising activities, people, places and actions that ignite joy, happiness, peace, power, balance and calm in you. We aspire to alleviate some of the stigma around mental health maintenance, which has come leaps and bounds forward in the last fews years of the pandemic.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Mental health maintenance lives at the core of our mission. It pulses through every move we make; it is the undercurrent that makes these events snap crackle and pop with energy and vibes! So, in honour of the close of mental health month, we bring you this wonderful, GIVEAWAY worth £750 (or $1000)!

What included??

  • All access pass to Surf and Skate Portugal Gathering in Old Town Albufeira (South of Portugal)

  • Accommodations in our boutiques Bed and Breakfast, 5 mins walk from the beach

  • 2 x Beginner Surf Lesson (and all surf equipment)

  • 1 x Kayak Tour to Benagil Caves (sea entrance only)

  • Rollerskate Choreography Workshop

  • Beginner Ramp Skate on Quads

  • Hoop Dance Flow & Movement Meditation Workshops

  • Daily Yoga Flow and Evening Meditation

  • Full Local Breakfast daily

  • Intro dinner

Whats not included??

  • airfare and transfers

  • rollerskates, pads and hula hoops

  • yoga mats

You will also receive, courtesy of We Are SkaterBooty, a super deluxe skate bag to carry all your holiday needs, along side other goodies from our sponsors.


We will draw a winner randomly on the Sunday, 5th June which give you 2 weeks to play!!

Are you ready for Portugal??

Good Luck babes!


Joy, Founder & Head of Play

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Updated: Apr 30

1. Surfing is great exercise kiddos:

You want to use every single muscle in your body in ways you never felt before? Feel completely in your own skin, well then yes, this is for you. Your heart and lungs will benefit from this aerobic exercise. The good news is that surfing is so enjoyable that you will never feel like you are working out... until the next day that is!

2. Great way to meet/make friends if travelling alone.

Learning to surf with your loved ones is an experience that creates special bonds. Surf camps offer group surf classes where you get to train with experienced surfers and have fun while learning a new skill and meeting new people. Lessons vary based on surf level, so you can also move on to higher level lessons as you learn to surf. But most importantly you are in a safe space which we welcome you to come to on your own or with others.

3. Increase confidence by learning something new!

Surfing is about learning so much more than just how to catch a wave. You will learn about yourself, your ability, and your determination. This increased sense of self and your ability to succeed is the beginning of your overall belief you can achieve. Winning. Celebrating the small victories is a great way to build confidence and feel good about about yourself.

As you learn how to surf, you’ll feel self-satisfaction as you persevere through challenging surf sessions. You’ll also fee a part of the community as you gain experience and even form bonds with other surfers.

Surfing is an individual sport, which means it’s just you and the wave. Its a meditation and even therapy for some, as you natural element, a wave. Some see it as an opportunity to do something outside of their comfort zones and an opportunity to conquer fears. Depending on how it turns out for you, surfing will be much more than just catching a wave.

4. Salt water is brilliant for your skin!

OK, so its long been thought sea frolicking has health benefits. Significant amounts of minerals, including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium makes its superiorly useful for skin conditions such as psoriasis. Ocean water can be considered an antiseptic, meaning it may have wound-healing properties, but that isn't an invitation to go swimming with open wounds ya'll! And finally, because seawater is cleansing and mimics the body’s own fluids in the lining of the airways, it doesn’t irritate them - meaning hay fever and sinus infections can benefit from a bit of falling off your board and flushing that nose with a ton of sea water - WHICH WILL HAPPEN BAES!


No explanation needed.

Feeling a bit nervous about starting from scratch? Don't forget we are getting your bodies ready with Bahama Hoop Yogi, bank holiday Monday (UK) with yoga for surfer series --- See you at the beach you gorgeous gyals!

Love and Light,

Joy & Slobo

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