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SkaterMeet: Invisible Roller

Meet Nakura Stout aka Invisible Roller.

We met at the 2022 edition of @skatelovebcn at the SkaterBooty stall. That year was a Massive Boom for our burgeoning little active lifestyle brand, our 3rd year with a stall we took over. The turn out & support was so huge we decided to profile some of our global community to learn a little about them and what drew them to our brand.

So here are 5 fun facts you should know about Naku, in her own words.

  • I was a ballet dancer for about 20 years

  • I'm a Twitch streamer

  • I used to do brain surgery on rats

  • I cosplay at anime and comic conventions

  • I've never owned a house plant

Such a pleasure to meet this Seattle, WA (USA) native, who has been skating since August 2020. Naku has gorgeous energy, so full of life and slayyysss our pretty in pink playsuit. When we asked what she thought about the SkaterBooty her purchase she said....

With regards to how I feel about the playsuit: "I can't prove that the playsuit makes you skate better, but I know when I wear it I look good, I feel good, and I turn heads. That's all I need!"

Thats all we need to hear! #loveit

Full Name: Nakura Stout

Playsuit size: Small

(IG: @invisibleroller)

Jump over to her feed and say hello.. and email us for a feature.

xo Joy xo

Founder, CEO of Play

We Are SkaterBooty

a division of Hoop Hustle Flow Ltd

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