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Where can I see footage from previous retreats, events and workshops?

Our Youtube Channel has great footage and tutorials. You can also follow our Experiences by Hoop Hustle Flow FB page which holds imagery from all the events in the form of albums.


What are your upcoming retreat dates?


What are your upcoming workshops?

  • Skate Masters. Pooh Elite, JB Style, Southern Portugal. 25th May

  • Roller Pole Tasters. Barcelona. Monday, 18th Sept. 


What workshops do you typically run at Experiences by Hoop Hustle Flow retreats?

All our retreats and gatherings are body positive, play-based and inclusive. We try to bring new exciting ways to play to our community.  Movement and dance at the course, with a mix of alternative fitness activities. Water sports, spiritual rituals like reiki and sound bowl, breathwork and massage.

What is included with my ticket:

Locally sourced catered meals: Breakfast and Lunch daily (2 dinners)

Live Music and/or DJ poolside

Min 3 play based workshops a day 

Daily Yoga


Wellness therapies

Beach excursion

Airport pick up (2 times in the day)


Optional (for additional cost)

Excursions to important sites


Boat tour

Are you a legally register company?

Why yes we absolutely are. Hoop Hustle Flow LTD, Company number 13368469, owns both Skater Booty Apparel (trademarked) and Experiences the event and activities brand. HHF LTD is a body positive, ageless and inclusive active lifestyle brand currently trading in London, Portugal (the Algarve), Barcelona and Ibiza.

Do you offer Payment Plans?

Absolutely! A non refundable deposit of €500, secures your spot and the remaining can be split in 2-4 payments, but must be fully paid by 5th of April. Please contact us if you need special terms.. additionally, Paypal payments are allowed and can be split in 3 using their Pay in 3 option. for credit card payments we can send you a Revolut payment link to split the payments in 2.



How is Skaterbooty affiliated with Hoop Hustle Flow?

SB is the apparel brand owned by Hoop Hustle Flow Ltd. We create body positive active lifestyle fitness and athleisure wear.


What is the fit?

The shorts are snug fit, we suggest you go up a size you want a looser fit and coverage. Playsuits are SUPER stretchy so you can go true to size. Tee are unisex true to size.

How do I wash the product most efficiently?

Turn anything printed inside out and wash on 30 degrees or handwash.

How do I apply to become an SB ambassador? 

Applications open once per year and sent via email to ur subscription base, you will need to be a subscriber in or member to apply. The full details of the program will be sent to you in the application process. 

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes! This will be released full this summer but we currently offer a very small group of subscribers and members the right to promote us in exchange for a discount or payment code. Details to be released this summer 2023.

Do you ship worldwide?


Can I stock your product in my shop?

YES! We are always looking for stockist. We have minimum order and will have our look book available for you should you be interested in joining our stockist program. Please note, we try and have only one stockist per city to avoid dilution of product and best revenue opportunity for our resellers. 

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