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Surf & Roller Skate Portugal - June 2022

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We are back at it again… and as usual we are bringing you that new NEW!

Oh yes, you read that correctly! Portugal is the latest edition to our luxe boutique gatherings AND our first ever Surf and Skate event. It's been a long time coming so let me fill you in...

Why? How? What, you ask??

Well, in case you haven't been following our flagship account @hoophustleflow - here’s a not so brief intro:

✅ HHF is a play-based, alternative wellness active lifestyle brand, born out of founder @therealjoydean love of all things play. An ex-ballerina, gymnast, track and field competitor turned artist (costume design) and educator.. it only makes sense.

✅ It all started with the #hulahoop - she joined the @themajorettes back in 2018 and caught the performance bug and began attending many notable hula hoop retreats around Europe, U.K. & Asia

✅ Next was the addition of roller skating, as a Cali native this wasn’t new but teaching ‘learn to skate’ for @playtone_uk brought it all together in our now defunct space in Southwark. She would later meet @kiki_lahuna and the love affair with Roller Hoop begins...

✅ Swiftly moving on to launch our first luxury play gathering in Ibiza 2019, (bringing all the loves together under one umbrella) and The Hoop Experience was born! #hoopandwellnessibiza sold out in a week!!! Clearly this new style of gathering was desperately needed as much for us and it was for you!!! We followed this with a collab with @mitrahoop for Hoop and Healing in Ibiza, with a more spiritual twist.

✅ Enter @skatelovebcn - a not to be missed skate and music festival in Barcelona, where we launched our sister brand @weareskaterbooty apparel 🍑 - a Booty Positive body normative brand. Made by skaters, for active lifestyle lovers!

✅ Decided to replicate our mixed bag of goodies via this luxe style gathering in our second fave place Portugal!

Note: we have been travelling to The Algarve’s regularly to Surf and Sun ourselves since pre-Covid. We found the region ripe for what we do… full of lovely people, yummy fresh seafood, cheap/tasty coffee and OMGoddess the fresh squeezed orange juice!!! 🤪


☀️ Make laughter and joy a priority in your mental well-being

☀️ Follow the sun & the sea to richer, denser physical experiences

☀️ Bring you tasters sessions built around movement & play: hoop dance, skate dance, aerial hoop, burlesque, surf and more...

☀️ Wellness of spirit: yoga, meditation, yoga steams, foraging, cacao, ecstatic dance, edible DIY face creams… and so much more

Every location added offers something unique and of the region… always in intimate groups (20 max) for connection and cultivation of long lasting transformative experiences while fostering community and friendships. This is ultimately why we gather.



Portugal 30th June to 4th July, 2022

Schedule and facilitator line up on the site next week!

Tickets to be released on 1st March!

Payment plans available.

With Love and Light and all things booty shaking,

Joy and Slobito

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