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What's does Alternative fitness actually mean??

In a nutshell, it's the merging of traditional idea of fitness, such as increased stamina, agility, heart health, flexibility and over physical fitness with the less traditional activities of play-based learning. Building mental and emotional health along side the physical with laughter, joy and movements taken from our childhood. 

We focus on the primary goal of sustainable, low impact health with the most bang!

Foster your creativity and imagination while building a strong, toned body and mind.

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How we play


Hoop Flex

Yoga Fusion

Stretch the blues away

Build a strong, lean body while increasing your flexibility and mobility . Classes are high energy, filled with great tunes or slow & restorative, using our trusty hula hoop to amp up the basic vinyasana flow

Roller Hoo.HEIC

Roller Hoop Fusion

Amp up your roller skate game

Roller skating is on everyones must do list these days, low impact but high intensity, you cannot go wrong. Bring back the classic 70's dream!

Learn the basics of roller skating (in our skate play workshops) and then add one or more hoops for the ultimate hula hooping skate experience.


Skate Flex Fusion

In support of your skate dance and ramp life!

Increase flexibility and mobility to safely & effectively SLAY your favourite skate tricks!

We focus on building strength and stamina to avoid injury. And close with restorative moves in support your much needed recovery.

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