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Every Booty is bootyful - Help us find our fit models.

We are so happy for the support of all you skater booties out there. Our ultimate goal is to continue to fun fitness and play apparel for movers by movers. Serving up our community body positive vibes all day every day.

To that end we are making a few changes around here and we need your help!

We have brought production back to Europe! This is huge. It means we have a direct relationship with our tailors and crafts people, it means we can pay fair wages and ensure the health and safety of our teams in their work environments. It also means we do not over produce, we can make as we need. Best of all the production team is run by my partners childhood friend, who has separately been working in manufacturing, creating his own stock. Timing is so aligned to truly blossom into a family affair.

That brings us back to you... we are serious when we say, "we make the kit, you bring the fit!"


No body is the same but they are all beautiful. This message of inclusivity is the hallmark of the skaterbooty brand. Shape and structure of your beautiful body will determine the fit, so we want real body models to expand our line.

This is also an opportunity to learn a bit more about your very own glorious machine. To spend sometime lovingly inspecting, perusing and admiring your curves. Loving yourself is looking at yourself with a kind eye and accepting what you see before you as your own unique beauty. We want to help play a role in that journey, so get in touch if you feel your body type is not represent in fitness apparel such as our. Let us celebrate that booty!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Get some booty!


photos from Healthline, check the article on body shapes out HERE

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