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Movement Matters

First of all, happy new year 2022!

I hope this message finds you in good health.

Its been a minute since we posted and shared in our wellness weeklies.. and if you have not subscribed to our wellbeing newsletters you may not even know half of what we share so this one is going out to our new wellness warriors out there..

Here in London the month of January is spent in a lot darkness, winter here is a beast with the sun (or should I say the light as its not particularly sunny) leaving us around 4pm. It can be difficult to feel motivated to move for health. Many focus on dry January as a means to reset or maybe a detox and juice cleanse.. But its not a prolonged practice, not entirely fun and can easily drop off in lieu of Netflix and chilling!

Here at Wellness HQ, we like to focus on long term goals. This basically means adjusting lifestyle rather than short term gains attached to a fad. Sound interesting to you? Want to join in? Well this is where you start...

We are sharing a few opportunities to kick-start your holistic lifestyle enhancements with free classes to slowly move you into the delicious bliss space you are after... aka to get you feeling damn good! As you may be aware our founder and head of wellness @hoophustleflow is a 300 hour certified Yoga (both Hatha and Vinyasa) and creator or Hoop Flex and Skate Flex. These two programs were born our of a need to support your circus and skate bodies through mobility and flexibility practices. Since both of these flex programs will relaunch this March with free workshops all month on IG and on demand, we thought NOW is the perfect time to get your bodies prepped and support the global health and wellbeing movement by sharing this gorgeous nugget yogic goodness!!

Meet Eka Kailash - a Myofascial release expert.

I have the pleasure of training with Eka in Bali Dec 2019 and let me tell you it was glorious! So when this donation based course dropped in my inbox this morning I had to share!!

In his words "In our first series of BaliSunday 2022, I would like to invite you to take our practice slower, gentler, quieter and hopefully deeper... we shift our attention slightly away from theories and information, this year we will start our practice with more focus on feeling and observation of the physical sensations, the qi-flow, the rise and fall of emotions and thoughts, and of course the breath. How does your hips feel when you fold into a swan pose? How do the physical sensations and emotions the hips store differ from those held in your shoulders? How does the mind reacts to these? What is the quality of the qi-flow as you rest in rebound afterward? How does your breath affects this quality, and so forth. In another word, meditation in movement and in stillness. "

Email Eka to RSVP and donate to the cause - your body, mind and heart will thank you for it.

Sign up to our wellness weeklies to learn more about our free workshops, events and most importantly meet those on similar journeys to you.

Love, light and rollerskates!

Joy xox

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