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Some things you just need to experience for yourself. 

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Since the beginning, the mission has always been to empower and inspire YOU to overcome your most challenging obstacles and start living happier healthier lifestyles. This mission started with my own journey to create a sustainable life balance that prioritised holistic well-being and pursuit of Joy. It began with seeking out all things that brought me happiness, and fulfilment while letting go of the fear & ego,  which is constantly tells us how we need to fit better, do better, be better. To just play because it feels good, like when we were kids.


Think back, can you remember a time when you truly felt free? Full of laughter and fearlessness? Rewind back to childhood, running in the streets, climbing trees, dancing spontaneously with your friends - all with out fear of judgment or worry of how another will perceive you.

THAT, is the essence of what we do here, we are on a mission to perpetuate new and non traditional ideas around mental health, inclusive wellness and play-based fitness. To foster laughter and positivity. YES! to diversity and representation across all sports and movement activities. To stop calorie counting and start building a strength based metric for your body and mind.

And then spread it from person to person, business to business until we all play our way to our most confident, productive selves.

YOU are worth it. WE are worth it. 

Now let's take action.

I'm Joy, Founder and CEO of Play

I cannot wait to meet you.



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